Bora Bora

My family and a couple of friends were lucky enough to go on a 5-day-trip to Paradise. After months of planning, weeks of anticipation and 3 never-ending flights, we arrived at Bora Bora.


Three Planes

Early morning, 4:15 wake up time. Six hour long flight to Auckland, New Zealand.

Plane 1 music – Michael Buble: To Be Loved – Gregory Porter: Take Me To The Alley

Plane 1 movie – Invictus

Arrived at Auckland and had lunch in the airport. For the first time in what seemed like forever, even though it had only been one year and a half, we ate lunch at “Burger King”. The reason for this is that where I live, in Melbourne, Australia, “Burger King” goes by the name “Hungry Jacks” instead.

The second flight was from Auckland to Papeete, French Polynesia. This flight was so different to the first one. It took place during a long night, nevertheless, there was no sunset. Instead, the sky seemed to suddenly fade into complete darkness in a single moment. There was no red and orange heartwarming tone in the sky to photograph from the plane window, nor where there any stars at all in the sky. Due to only being able to see an opaque layer of solid black outside the window, my mind often drifted off into the idea that we were simply floating in a spot in the sky, not ever really moving towards our destination. But of course, that was only a thought and after 9 long hours, we arrived at Papeete.

Plane 2 music – Conrad Sewell: All I Know – Savages: Adore Life


French Polynesia First Thoughts

Ok, day two of the trip was quite something. What can I say? we did everything on that day, from catching the most unbelievable flight to the breathtaking of Bora Bora, to scuba-diving in the middle of the Pacific Ocean…

So, our day went a little like this. Woke up at 4:00am at the Airport Hotel in Papeete. Packed up and had a 5:15am breakfast. Breakfast was amazing; because these islands are part of France, certain parts of the French culture are shared and one of the parts that they share is the food. So, for breakfast, we had beautiful croissants and pain au chocolat. Later on, we walked down to the airport and arrived fairly early. Therefore, among the group, we had a “Flip The Bottle” competition, which I can assure you, I did not win.

The flight was the most amazing plane ride I had ever been in. We traveled to Bora Bora in a significantly smaller plane than the one that we arrived to Papeete in. In the 60 minutes in the air, we got to see 3 different islands from a breathtaking high point of view. The greeny-blue water mixed with the white beaches and the green-filled land made the idea of paradise, that once had seemed to distant, come to life.

Arriving at Bora Bora, a lady from the Four Seasons Hotel came to pick us up from the airports as well as giving us beautiful traditional flower necklaces. The dream of Paradise came true before my eyes as I stepped out through the airport doors and was placed in front of an intimidating yet beautiful mountain surrounded by clear blue water and vegetation. The landscape is too hard to describe in words.

When we all recovered from the amazing shock, the hotel’s boat took us around the island. Passing by the green lively palm trees and isolated beaches waiting to be occupied honestly made me think twice about the way we all live our lives… missing this. But what really made my eyes tear up of happiness and excitement were the over-the-water bungalows of our hotel. The joy that everyone felt as we moved across the water next to the small palm-tree houses made my heart honestly beat faster than ever.

That same joy continued throughout the tour around the amazing hotel, the huge snorkelling lagoons and  feeling through our over the water bungalows, the golf-car drive around the bungalows and finally while we had a look at the view we had from our room’s window. And since the weather was on our side, we were able to have a play around in the water around our bungalow. Diving, jumping off the balcony and flipping in the air….

But the day only got better since me and my older brother had our first scuba diving lesson to get our “Open Water Certificate”. It was the first time I had ever seen a bottle of air… and one that i was going to use myself. I won’t go into any detail about this session because I would never end, but there is one thing that i must write about. The memory of taking the mouth-piece into my mouth for the first time was extremely uncomfortable to say the least. Nevertheless, it was the most fun thing i think I’ve ever done in the ocean, from jumping into the water for the first time with a huge amount of weight on my back, to the sensation on being pulled underwater but not drowning at all. Overall, it simply felt, as cheesy as it sounds, like I was meant to be there, under the surface swimming with the fish.  And by the way! Did you know that you can get the water out of your goggles underwater? 


No Plans

The beauty of travelling is that the act of being away from home allows you to disconnect and takes away the need to plan days and constantly get things done. Our family took advantage of that and simply took every minute and hour as it came.


Jet Ski, Paddle Surfing and Final Scuba Diving Exam

Well, the title of this day says it all. I could write about this specific day for hours, but instead, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves…




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