Dear Port Stephens,

By the looks of it, I’m starting a little series of posts called “Dear World”. In this series, I will be sharing the little adventures that I am able to go in with my family. The reason why I have put together is because not only did I really want to start sharing more of my “daily photography” on this website, but I also want to share with people that it is possible to capture whole adventures with just an iPhone (or any other phone that has a camera). This is because, not long ago at all, when I decided to have a go at photography, I didn’t think that I would ever be able to take a ‘good’ photo with my phone and that I believed I needed to buy an expensive and complex camera in order to do so. However, I been able to prove myself wrong, and I want to share that with others who many have similar thoughts.

So, obviously, all the photos in the this post, as well as the photos from “Dear Sitges,” ( ) have all been taken with an iPhone, and so will the photos from future posts.

Now moving onto the images from this particular post…! They were all taken at Port Stephens, New South Wales and they are just a quick summary of my holidays there. The colours in the small towns around the area were amazing and the sunsets were absolutely breathtaking. What I mean by this that the beautiful clear, blue water looking stunning against the pale orange colours that the sun gave on its way down.  The whole place itself was quite amazing, as you will see, the activities you could do ranged from climbing mountains to surfing in the Aussie coast. Overall, a very special it was a place that I am extremely thankful to have been able to visit, enjoy and capture.

I hope this might inspire you to visit this quiet part of Australia and enjoy it as much as I did. The main highlight of the trips were definitely Sunset Beach; a beautiful becah by the side of an old port from which you can watch the sun go down and enjoy the reflection of it on the water, and secondly, the endless walks around the area. My main tips if you would like to visit this place would be, firstly, travel by car – makes it extremely easy to get around and you have more freedom regarding the places you can visit. And secondly, bring you surfboard AND paddle board. One of the most unique things about this area is that while there was open ocean of one side, the other sat next to very calm beaches that were amazing for paddle boarding.



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