Details of the Vivid Festival

Sydney is a city that will take your heart and hold onto it. It is beautiful and it is nearly impossible to get tired of it; the architecture, the people, the diversity, the food… It is a beautiful city in multiple aspects. Due to this, it is obviously a very visited place and has a huge amount of tourism, specifically in the CBD (central business district). 

The Vivid Festival is a yearly festival that takes place in Sydney every year in order to obviously attract tourists. The way in which this is done is by “beautifying” the city; by setting up bright, colourful lights across the city.

And while I am a lover of Sydney, I’m not fully convinced by this event. Sure, it makes the city appear to be more attractive than it already is, but I don’t know if it does it in the right way. My first impression of the festival was that Sydney had turned into a huge scale “on-you-face casino”. The lights were very overwhelming and saturated. It was hard to find something really beautiful when all you could see are lights flashing in your face.


And don’t misunderstand me; many people find this very attractive – yet I find that to be the issue. It becomes attractive, not beautiful, nor refined, like Sydney appears to be during the day. It simply turns the city into a big tourist attraction and the words that describe it are more along the lines of “spunky” and “impressive”. I may just be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think that Sydney need to paint itself pink and blue and purple and so on in order to attract tourist. I think that the beauty of it is in the city alone.

So, what I have done in order to share this idea in a more clear way is erase all colour from my photos from the Festival. This allows for the highlights of building and the way light hits different things to stand out and give the people and more clear view of what Sydney really is and the detail within it – rather than the extravagant colours. IMG_0066IMG_0059IMG_0070IMG_0067IMG_0081IMG_0084


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