The Undergrounds

Melbourne’s population relies on train quite frequently to travel within the widespread city. Throughout the outer parts of city or the eastern and western suburbs, you would find the great majority of the stations to be external ones; however inside of the city, the trains travel bellow the ground level. A friend of mine (@alessandrocavoli) and myself decided to go on a quick afternoon walk around some of these.

The main one that we decided to have a look at was Parliament Station. It is a very quiet yet interesting station. It’s not a very popular one, however since it is very well located in the northern side of the CDB it causes people who have offices around the area to visit it very often.

It is such a unique site due to the unusual structure of it- you enter it from the ground level and consistently travel downwards in the deep stairs until you arrive at the empty platforms. At first sight it definitely appears to be very run down, but I like to think that it is purely due to the fact that because the platforms are so far below the urban life that people use it as a get-away place – however I may be incorrect in that; I just believe that it gives it a more appealing and “romantic” vibe to the deserted station.

So, to wrap it up, through the photos I wanted to capture that idea of it being a dark get-away place that people aren’t always able to connect with easily and sometimes try to “scape”.



One thought on “The Undergrounds

  1. Qué recuerdos, Pía! Fue nuestra estación durante un año cuando vivíamos en Colingwood. De todas las conexiones con el mundo de arriba, Lonsdale era la mía. Las fotos buenísimas, como siempre. En relación a la transición, el espacio de ‘arriba’ de lonsdale es bastante interesante. Ciro lo pone como una de las localizaciones para los alumnos de primero (llenos y vacíos). Enhorabuena, again. Gracias. Es siempre un placer leerte y verte.

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